About goal status

How do we count our numbers?

Energy for All Partnership Secretariat assesses the achievement of its goal by collecting and analyzing, minimally twice a year, the data from its partners and members. The following important differentiation is made:

1)      The overall achievement thermometer includes the planned/expected or actual numbers of beneficiaries of the thematic Working Group Members and the planned/expected beneficiaries through ADB approved funding of loans/grants. If at the end of a loan or grant period results of audits are available, actual numbers of beneficiaries of ADB loans/grants are given. However, the overall achievement thermometer will always be a mixture of planned/expected and actual numbers of beneficiaries, as projects are in different phases of execution.

2)      The specific  thematic working group thermometers show disaggregated planned/expected or actual numbers per thematic WG member, depending on the presence and use of a M&E system. These thematic achievements do not include the ADB achievements.

Some partners and members use “household” as calculation unit. For the overall goal achievement numbers of beneficiaries are assessed, assuming that one household consists of an average of 5 people. 

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