Taking on the problem of energy poverty requires solutions from the top-down and the bottom-up—everything from global finance to village-level technologies. The Partnership aims to support energy access initiatives at all scales.

Asia and the Pacific region is home to the majority of the world’s energy poor, with an estimated 1.9 billion people still burning wood, charcoal or other low quality fuels for their light and heat and 700 million people without access to electricity.

The Energy for All Partnership was formed by the Asian Development Bank in 2008,to build platforms for cooperation, exchange, innovation, and project development for solutions to widespread energy poverty. We’ve brought together key stakeholders from business, finance, government, and NGOs for a singular purpose: to drive action towards a goal of providing energy access to 100 million people in Asia and the Pacific Region by 2015.

To address specific access to energy issues, the partnership has set up a number of working groups that focus on delivering access to a specific type of energy: basic lighting, clean cooking and heat, and electricity. Upon joining the partnership, member organizations are automatically sorted, by the secretariat and working group convener, into one or more of these groups depending on their scope of work.

The partnership was established as a knowledge platform – it enables the exchange of knowledge among peers in the energy access community, towards upscaling projects. Our website is a place for that exchange to take place, with members sharing concrete business cases, and specific financial and technical details in private discussions, while ideas for improving energy access are made public to foster greater discussion on this critical development issue.

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