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The GSEP Ifugao-Ambangal Mini-Hydro Project in the Philippines has been selected by the UNESCO in their first world catalogue of good practices in energy sustainability. UNESCO highlighted that “Thanks to the efforts deployed by UNESCO and initiatives like the GSEP’s Ifugao-Ambangal Mini-hydro project, the Ifugao Rice Terraces of the Cordilleras were removed from the list […]

Led by GSEP member Kansai Electric Power Co., the Dhiffushi Solar Ice Project features the installation of a 40 kW grid-connected photovoltaic system (PV) on the island of Kaafu Dhiffushi. A unique feature of this project is the installation of an ice-making machine coupled with the PV system. Prior to the award of external funds […]

Together with the Pacific Power Association (PPA), the GSEP hosted two technical workshops on tariff structure development in the Republic of Fiji and Guam in May and August 2014. Led by GSEP member Kansai Electric Power Co., the workshops were designed to support the Pacific Island countries in the development of tariff structures that can […]

Working in partnership with the Global BrightLight Foundation, the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP) has completed in June 2014, its commitment to distribute 50,000 solar lanterns worldwide. Exceeding the original commitment, GSEP distributed over 60,000 solar lamps this past year to families in Rwanda, Nepal, Uganda, Haiti, Guatemala, Zambia, Bolivia and Peru. This program was […]

The ‘Off-grid Access Systems for South Asia’ (OASYS South Asia) project implemented by TERI and a consortium of research partners led by De Montfort University, UK, is in the process of finding appropriate local solutions for sustainable rural electricity supply. As part of the OASYS project, an important component was to develop an off-grid delivery model […]

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