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Energy Access & Village Inventory

Feb 25 2013

Today 1.3 billion people still lack access to basic energy services, while 2.7 billion still lack access to clean cooking facilities. The lack of basic energy service impacts on all aspects of human life, from healthcare to clean water, proper housing, education and the potential to earn a living.

 WP_energy accessWhile access to energy is usually synonymous with a household electricity connection, it does not encompass the range of lighting and cooking products available to households, nor does it address deficiencies in quantity and quality of energy supply, or household, community and productive uses of electricity. The lack of a ground-level assessment of the availability of resources and skills available in villages hinders deployment. The inability to assess the actual demand, the limited understanding of the willingness or ability to pay, and the difficulty in selecting the appropriate technology options, have led to the failure of many village electrification schemes.

To address this issue, the World Energy Council is conducting a pilot project with the overall target of creating a comprehensive database of villages. This database will capture the vital information required in order to better understand the problem at the village level, and will increase the chances of success for  village electrification schemes. The village inventory pilot is currently being carried out in India with the support of WEC-India and VVKI, a unit of the Art of Living Foundation. With the experience from the pilot project the WEC will approach partners to discuss how to take the project to the next level and address the current lack of solid data, both on access to electricity and clean cooking facilities.  Read full story here.

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