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Become part of our partnership, and interact with peers and organizations who are working on the ground to make improved access to energy for the poor a reality.

Why Join?

The Energy for All Partnership invites organizations active in supporting access to energy in Asia and the Pacific to join us.

To register your organisation as partner of the Energy for All partnership, go here and fill in your details!

Organizations can benefit from membership in a number of ways:

  • Peer to peer learning and exchange. The partnership’s members have implemented a wide variety of energy access projects. ADB has decades of experience in the region. This knowledge, freely shared with members, can help you improve your own business cases for greater effectiveness and sustainability.
  • Project developers can link up with our network of financing institutions. 
  • Investors and other financiers receive access to project pipeline development from organizations working in the field.
  • Donors and development agencies can improve their coordination on energy access projects and exchange best practices for scaling up access to energy.
  • Technology suppliers and entrepreneurs can gain access to new customers, investors and financing.

At the moment, the Partnership only accepts organizations as members. But both organizations and individual access to energy experts are welcome to join our online discussions. For the platform you can register here.

Terms and Conditions

 Any organization working in the areas of energy access with concrete accomplishments in the previous year and committed to reduce energy poverty can become a member.

Membership to the partnership is renewed on a yearly basis.

Applications from new members and the renewal forms of existing members are reviewed and approved by the secretariat. To validate the information provided by the applicant in the Membership Form, additional documents will be requested. The documents can be in the form of publications, reports, or other materials that will give details on the activities they are doing on energy access. Existing members shall also be asked to supply details of their accomplishment during the previous year and their planned activities for the present year. Their accomplishments shall be substantiated with reports or other documents which will be requested by the Secretariat, if deemed appropriate. As incentive, members’ profiles on the website will highlight their accomplishments in providing access to energy.

I hereby agree to the terms and conditions set by Energy for All
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