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Tell us your big idea for improving energy access, and we'll put it up for public discussion on the Energy for All Partnership website.

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Tell us your ideas!

There are hundreds of ways to support access to energy, depending on technology, location and available resources. Why don’t we talk about them? We want to share, discuss and work on these ideas to develop the next set of innovative business models to bring access to energy to the poor.


What kind of ideas are we looking for?

All kinds of ideas to improve access to energy. Tell us about the DIY, small scale projects that you’ve encountered. Tell us your ideas for access to energy but had no way to implement. We have a separate place for working business models (link here). This is for ideas that have potential, so let the Energy for All community help you in developing the idea to a working business model. Some of these ideas may be graduated into a model for replication, by ADB and other donor agencies.


 Why share your ideas with us?

  • To get a discussion going with peers in the access to energy community.
  • You’ll get help to develop this idea into a working business model. 
  • The ideas are public, you can make contact with potential angel investors and implementation partners.


Criteria for submission

Our only criteria are that it must be an access to energy idea and it cannot be based around grant or subsidy financing. The idea must be able to stand on its own.


How does the process work?

1) Submit your idea here using our form.
2) You will receive a confirmation from the Energy for All Secretariat.
3) We’ll upload the idea onto the website (link here) for public discussion and comments.
4) We’ll help the development of the best ideas into actual business models.

I hereby agree to the terms and conditions set by Energy for All
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