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Energy access needs evolvement and change, and the partnership’s working groups allow it to focus simultaneously on specific energy services rather than on a one-size-fits-all solution.

working group lighting

The Energy for All Partnership established the thematic working group Lighting to meet the challenges in the lighting sector in Asia. It expands access to solar lighting technologies among rural communities by linking the international lighting industry (including storage, electrics and solar) with local system integrators, financers and service providers among other things.

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working group cooking

To help address issues of low fuel efficiency and high indoor air pollution from open fire cooking or usage of traditional stoves, the Energy for All Partnership has established a thematic working group on cooking to support activities of the Domestic Biogas Working Group, the LPG Working Group, and the Clean Cookstoves Working Group.

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working group enterprise development

Electricity meets more than basic household needs, it allows the use of electrical appliances, supports the delivery of social services, modern communication systems and stimulates productive activities. Energy for All Partnership established a thematic working group on electricity to support activities of the Small Wind, Enterprise Development and Mini-Grid Working Groups.

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Lighting, Cooking/Heat and Electricity: the Partnership's Working Groups

Energy access is a broad subject. Why did we choose to focus on these three topics?

It is often overlooked that there are many different ways to provide modern energy access, and even then, there is an evolution of the type of access that people find necessary. Energy access can be said to be a moving target: when incomes rise and/or local conditions change, different solutions become available to people that were not available to them earlier. As an example, a person with a small PV system does not have the same type of access as someone with a grid connection or a stove, although any of these could be the perfect access solution.

To accommodate the evolutionary nature of energy access solutions, the partnership recognizes that access projects must focus simultaneously on a wide range of energy access services, rather than on a one-size-fits-all solution.

But type of energy access should ideally be matched with people’s economic conditions and purchasing power. The poorest segment of society, the so called “base of the pyramid,” needs specific attention.

Necessary basic services are cooking/heating, and lighting. For the largest impact, beneficiaries should be allowed to select their own level of energy access entry, requiring energy access projects to provide many different solutions simultaneously.

It makes sense to distinguish between such basic services on the one hand,  and services that enhance the quality of life or can be used to generate more income (productive use of energy) on the other hand such as electricity. The set up of the partnership’s working groups reflect this.

How are the working groups structured?

Energy for all works on the basis of three thematic areas, lighting, cooking and heating and electricity, called thematic working groups. Each thematic working group is facilitated online by one of the Energy for All Secretariat staff.  The first two thematic working groups address the basic needs of lighting and cooking/heating, while the third focuses on electricity access and particularly how productive use and entreprise development can contribute to economic development.

Each large thematic working group is subdivided into working groups according to different technologies and lead by a convener. The convener works closely with the secretariat facilitator in mobilising its members and in organising activities.

The structure can be summarized as follows:


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ENergy for all

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    Be part of the global effort to fight poverty by providing modern energy services to the poor. The energy for All Partnership invites organizations active in supporting acces to energy in Asia and the Pacific to join our working groups


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