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675 million people in Asia lack access to energy, 20% of its population and more than half of the total number of people lack electricity. Electricity meets much more than basic household needs (cooking, lighting), as it allows electric appliances to be used, supports the delivery of social services such as education and health care and supports modern information and communication systems. Most importantly, it enables the private sector to realize value-adding activities within the local economy which are essential to support productive activities, both at home and at the marketplace.

 Due to this social economic importance of electricity, Energy for All Partnership established a thematic working group on electricity to support activities of the Small Wind Working Group, Enterprise Development Working Group, and Mini-Grid Working Group.

Our goal is clear:

We aim to provide energy access to
100 million people in Asia and
the Pacific Region by 2015.





> Funding secured
to reach
7,600,000 people

Electricity projects

Energy poverty is one of the most pressing issues of this century. It’s a problem of technology, of infrastructure, of economics, of culture, and of politics - and it impacts over a billion people in the Asia-Pacific region alone.

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Electricity Working Group Members

The Energy for All Partnership is facilitated by ETC Foundation in close collaboration with ADB. Below you may find an overview of some of our working group members. For an overview of all members Read more

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    Be part of the global effort to fight poverty by providing modern energy services to the poor. The energy for All Partnership invites organizations active in supporting acces to energy in Asia and the Pacific to join our working groups