Profit Edge is completely free

Fees on Profit Edge Notice
As we said before, Profit Edge is completely free to use for everyone at the moment. Indeed, this one would still be in Beta testing phase.

However, a license fee will be applied for all new registrants after this period. See for more details. Older users will still be able to use the software for free for another 2 years. We also note that there are no fees for opening an account, making deposits or withdrawals.

Main Features of Profit Edge

We now present the main features of Profit Edge.

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The demo account
Easy to use
RSA encryption
Ergonomics and ease of use
The robot application Profit Edge is easy to learn even if you have never used a trading robot in your life.

Finally, educational content and video tutorials are available to help you take your first steps.

Profit Edge Mobile Apps Reviews

Mobile applications compatible with iOS and Android are available to members. This way, they can follow the evolution of their trades at any time. You can download them for free from the official Profit Edge website after your registration.

The Profit Edge Demo Account Notice
It is important to master the use of the trading robot to optimize your chances of making substantial profits. Indeed, you have to keep in mind that the size of the profits depends on the market situation for example. You must therefore learn to identify the best time to activate the robot.

Artificial Intelligence
The alleged success of trading with the Profit Edge bot is apparently due to its artificial intelligence algorithm. This would indeed allow an analysis of the market as well as ultra-fast reactions.

The Risk Appetite Test
The behaviour and decisions of the bot depend on your risk profile. This is why you should take a risk appetite test before you start trading.

When answering the questions, remember the following rule:

high earning potential means high risk taking.

Profit Edge Notice and Data Security

Profit Edge guarantees the security and confidentiality of your data through RSA encryption.

In this way, your personal data is protected from malicious persons who might try to intercept it during its transfer from/to the servers.

However, we remind you that it is your responsibility not to disclose sensitive information such as your secret codes to third parties to limit the risk of hacking and theft.

Profit Edge Online Reviews
Bitcoin robotThe opinions of the internet users about Profit Edge differ:

On the one hand, we have fully satisfied customers who claim to have made a lot of money with the trading robot. Its speed, ease of use and competent customer service are often praised in discussion forums.
On the other hand, many users claim that this robot is not at all reliable. Therefore, we recommend that you always be careful when using a robot. For a start, do not deposit a large amount of money and always follow the evolution of your trades. Also try to withdraw your winnings regularly.